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GBDC400-KT6: Six Head Strobe Package with Dual Colors

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Part Number:GBDC400-KT6

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SET A (2x GB Lights)
Primary LED Color (Set A)
Secondary LED Color (Set A)
Mounting Options
Mounting Tape
Studs on the back
SET B (2x GB Lights)
Primary LED Color (Set B)
Secondary LED Color (Set B)
Mounting Options
Mounting Tape
Studs on the back
SET C (2x GB Lights)
Primary LED Color (Set C)
Secondary LED Color (Set C)
Mounting Options C
Mounting Tape
Studs on the back
The GB Series of light modules consists of low profile high-intensity LED modules capable of being mounted anywhere on a vehicle you may need them, utilizing automotive trim tape or rear mount studs. The GB400DC version of this popular light module features cutting edge dual color technology giving your vehicle multiple color schemes. Each segment contains 4 high-intensity LED's producing approximately 400 lumens of light output. The GB400DC-KT6 kit includes the Power-Link receiver (PLC-RX) and transmitter (PLC-TX6) to make the six LED modules strobe "wirelessly."

Options are available for each set of 2 GB Series lights in this kit. Each set can have a different color combination and mounting option. 

  •  Four high intensity LED’s providing approximately 400 Lumens with low amp draw
  •  Can mount virtually anywhere using automotive trim tape
  •  Connect easily to 12V+ and ground
  •  Anodized aluminum housing is weatherproof
  •  Full kit include 6x GB400, 1x PLC-TX6, and 1x PLC-RX (P/N# GB400-KT6)
  •  Made in the USA
  •  Lifetime Warranty

  • L 1 1/2” x W 4 1/4” x H 1 1/2” per module
  • Shipping Weight: <1LB

*BE SURE OF YOUR LOCAL LAWS PERTAINING TO LIGHT COLOR LEGALITY. TowMate is not responsible for issues pertaining to light colors in your operational area.  

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