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PLC-RX Universal Receiver

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Part Number:PLC-RX
The TowMate PLC-RX, 2 channel receiver module, operates with the PLC-TX/PLC-TX6 controllers and wires in-line of any existing LED light, thus bringing the intelligence of Power-Link lighting to it. With several modes including pass-through-power, on/off, and quad-flash output, the PLC-RX is an inexpensive solution to increasing your safety while utilizing existing LED's on your vehicle. The PLC-RX can operate two independently activated groups of LED's and deliver up to 3 Amps per output, or tie the outputs together to deliver 6 Amps to one group of light modules. (Example: wire the PLC-RX in line of your markers on your truck and turn them into quad-flash strobes at the push of a button without running any new wire!)

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