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PLC-TCA48 Industrial Quality Traffic Control Arrow

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Part Number:PLC-TCA48

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Controller Type
PLC-TX Hard Wired
PLC-TX6 6 Button
PLC-TX6BT 6 Button + Bluetooth (+$100.00)
PLC-TXSW Smart Switch W/ LCD Screen (+$280.00)

48" Power-Link traffic control arrow utilizes high intensity LED's to provide four distinctly illuminated patterns: left to right, right to left, center out, and random strobe. As with other Power-Link products, this item installs with just two wires from the light and control card (12V+ and Ground) with no direct connection necessary between the two. With 8 amber modules and 3 work light/backup light modules containing four LED's each, this unit provides optimal visibility to protect from oncoming traffic. System comes complete with the traffic arrow and PLC-TX6, 6-button Power-Link control panel.


  • Easy to install with just two wires needing to be connected to 12V power and ground from the light and the control box. No longer is it necessary to run a cable from the controller directly to the lightbar.
  • High intensity, 1-Watt LED's provide optimum visibility from a compact and low-profile unit.
  • Lifetime warranty on electronics and LED's.

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