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EMERGENCY, TRANSPORT, RECOVERY AND RECREATIONAL LIGHTING.             "THE ORIGINAL"! Celebrating 26 Years of Wireless Tow Lights!


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Part Number:PLC59U

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Controller Type
PLC-TX Hard Wired
PLC-TX6 6 Button
PLC-TX6BT 6 Button + Bluetooth [+$100.00]
PLC-TOUCH Touch Screen Controller [+$280.00]
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59" Upgraded Power-Link light bar comes complete with the light bar with the latest full coverage end cap design, PLC-TX6 6-button Power-Link control pad, hardwire wireless transmitter, and hardware-mount base. Both the light bar and control pad for in the cab install with just two wires (12V+ and Ground) from each item. Signals are sent via the vehicles power lines in order to control the 4 flash patterns (including traffic control arrows and strobe) and the three work lights. The two brake, tail, and turn heads are controlled wirelessly with the included TowMate wireless transmitter. The same wireless transmitter can be used to operate a TowMate wireless tow light. 

Our standard model of the PLC59U includes 17 strobe light modules, 3 rear facing worklights, 2 Stop, Tail Turn modules and our new end caps which include 6 compact 4-LED modules for a combined count of 112 LEDs. Our fully populated option adds 4 more modules where the blanks are located providing 26 Modules for a combined count of 128 LEDs. The wireless Stop, Tail & Turn is an internal upgrade with an internal antenna which does not affect the looks of the light bar. 


Please research what color lights are legal in your state before ordering. 


  • Easy to install with just two wires needing to be connected to 12V power and ground from the light and the control box. No longer is it necessary to run a cable from the controller directly to the lightbar.
  • High intensity, 100 Lumen LED's provide optimum visibility from a compact and low-profile unit.
  • Options include integrated work lights and TowMate, wireless ready, stop/tail/turn lights that can be added into the lightbar.
  • Expand the system adding PLC50 and PLC100 series lights to the truck body.
  • Lifetime warranty on electronics and LED's.

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