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EMERGENCY, TRANSPORT, RECOVERY AND RECREATIONAL LIGHTING.             "THE ORIGINAL"! Celebrating 26 Years of Wireless Tow Lights!


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Introducing the new standard for those who haul oversize loads. The TMBN8S is an 8' wide oversize load banner that features wireless turn signals, brakes, and running lights. Powered by the TowMate Lithium Ion power supply, this setup will run 6+ hours straight. Grommets in each of the four corners ensure that any strap will have a secure place to fasten to. Additionally, each light is riveted to a backing on the rear of the banner to keep them securely fastened. Best of all, when the job is done simply roll it up and tuck it away. The system includes banner w/2x 4" round LED S/T/T lights, 2x 4" round LED amber strobes, 3x 2" center LED marker lights, Lithium battery/Receptacle, 12V DC charging station and transmitter of your choosing (standard is 7-Pin Round).


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