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TMPRO 3-1 3 in 1 Flare

TMPRO 3-1 3 in 1 Flare

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Forget the chemical flares and leave the flashlight at home. Your TMPRO-3-1 replaces both of these items in an environmentally friendly way. The TMPRO-3-1 produces 1020 Lumens of bright amber light in flare mode, 340 Lumens in a strong focused beam in flashlight mode, and 840 Lumens in Area Light mode to help you see your way through any mechanical difficulties or emergency situation. Not only is the TMPRO-3-1 waterproof and designed for use in rain, sleet and snow, but the TMPRO-3-1 is also shock resistant in case of accidental dropping.

The TMPRO-3-1 has a long-life battery with a quick charge time to ensure it is ready for use at any time.

Includes hard shell case, battery, charge base and charge cord. 

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