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VoltMate-PRO - Premium Jump Starter, Power Supply And Air Compressor System

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Part Number:VLT-PRO

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Box Finish
Polished Aluminum
Black Aluminum [+$129.00]
Battery System
Standard - 4hr Capacity
Contractor's - 6hr battery capacity [+$199.00]
Boss Man's - 8 hr battery capacity [+$299.00]
Rockbox Radio
No Radio Box
Add Radio Box [+$399.00]
Vehicle Connection
Hard Wired
Quick Disconnect System [+$79.00]
Jumper Cables
Standard - 4 AWG 15' Jumper Cables
Contractor - 1 AWG 12' Heavy Duty Jumper Cables [+$79.00]
110v Wall Smart Charger
The new VoltMate-Pro offered by TowMate is a truck mounted power system that has the power to run your full size appliances and power tools. The VoltMate-Pro can jump start trucks, boats, tractors, semis, and includes a powerful air compressor that will enable you to inflate semi truck tires on the road up to 125 psi at 4 cfm in just a few minutes.

Able to be mounted on the back of your tow truck easily, the VoltMate-Pro can even power your home as an emergency power source in case of emergency.

With over 2000 watts of power, 2100 Cranking amps for Jump Starts, and up to 125 PSI, the VoltMate-Pro is a power house! The VoltMate-Pro features 3 AC electric sockets, 1 Anderson Jump Start socket, 25ft Air hose, 30ft Electric extension cord and 12ft Heavy Duty Jump Start cables. The VoltMate-Pro will always be ready to provide portable power wherever you may need it!

Power outages leaving you without AC power in your home? With the New VoltMate-Pro you can plug in your full-sized refrigerator, your TV, your cell phones and your computer all at the same time and operate them for up to 4 hours before you need to recharge the VoltMate-Pro.  If the power in your home does not come back on, just hook your VoltMate-Pro jumper cables to your vehicle battery when the engine is running and you will still have AC power output from your VoltMate-Pro while your VoltMate-Pro battery system recharges. The VoltMate-Pro can also be charged with the optional AC charging system that you just plug in to any AC wall outlet and you can even charge your VoltMate-Pro while driving using the male to male cigarette lighter adapter or by a direct connection to any 12V system. Recharging times may vary; please contact TowMate for full details.

This system requires 4-6 weeks to build. Thanks for your understanding! 

Product Package Includes:

  • VoltMate-Pro with 4-hour battery
  • Removable 30’ retractable 16 AWG extension cord with 3 grounded outlets and mounting brackets
  • Built-In 25’ retractable 3/8” 300 PSI max air hose with standard chuck coupler
  • 1 male and 1 female air coupler
  • 4 AWG 15' Jumper Cables with carrying case
  • 2 key set
  • 4 compartment sliding tray
  • 2 mounting J-bolts complete with washers and ½” lock-nuts
  • Fusible Link complete with bolt, 2 washers, and 7/16" nut.
  • 2 adhesive protective foam strips
  • 10 8” Military Grade Cable Ties

*CONTRACTOR UPGRADE Includes 6-hour battery 

 The VoltMate-Pro Standard Crossover includes the following features:

  • Insulated security lid - 1,500lb. rating
  • Dual independent locking mechanisms
  • 20’ hard-wired 2 AWG positive cable
  • 4’ 2 AWG negative cable chassis connection and 1” mounting drill screw OR 20’ 2 AWG negative battery terminal cable*
  • 20’ 14 AWG auxiliary lead cable OR internal voltage reading technology*

-115-volt AC electrical power (modified sine wave)

  • 4,000-watt peak 2,000-watt continuous built-in inverter system
  • Automatic thermal and voltage overload safety kick-out
  • 2 weatherproof external AC outlets
  • Internal 3 outlet bus-bar

-4 cfm oil-less air compression system

  • 125 PSI Air power
  • 3-gallon built-in non-rusting air reserve
  • Auxiliary air coupler for spare tank connection and condensation dispersion
  • Air pressure gauge with adjustable air flow dial
  • Pop off air-release valve

-2,100 cold cranking amps for jump start

  • Working conditions from -40° F up to 140° F
  • External Anderson Connector port

-2 Built-in 12v incandescent work lights

-Built-in digital volt meter/battery gauge 

-7 cubic feet of storage

-Standard 1 Year Warranty


-280lbs (approximate weight not including upgrades)

-71” Long X 21” Wide X 17.5” Tall  / Rail depth 12”

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