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iMon Interactive Monitor System

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With the iMon Monitoring System you will never have to worry about losing your lights again with our easy to use interactive monitoring System. Operates with any system equipped with iMon electronics. Purchase with a new unit or upgrade your existing one easily to work with the iMon.

Monitor the functions of your light bar (LEFT TURN, RIGHT TURN, STOP, and HAZARDS), be alerted when you leave your light bar behind (signal Strength from wireless light bar), and monitor the battery level of your light bar all with one easy to use device. Simply plug your iMon into your vehicles cigarette lighter and be 100% aware of your wireless light bar abilities and location.  

Compatible with every TowMate tow light besides the: TM22G, TM22Y, and RVHW32, TM-FLUX, TM-FLUX32 and any dual light systems.
Compatible only with red wire transmitters.

*If purchasing an iMon, back up lights are not available on the light bar in which the iMon is being used. 

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