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SS470UVA - UV Light lens

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Part Number:SS470UVA
SS470UVA: UV Light Head for Enhanced Roadside Worker Visibility 

Overview: The SS470UVA is an advanced UV light head uniquely designed to increase the safety and visibility of roadside workers. This innovative device, equipped with the patented HINVII technology, emits a non-visible ultraviolet light that interacts with workers' vests, making them glow intensely without impairing the workers' vision. 


  • Patented HINVII Technology: Emits a specialized UV light that illuminates safety vests, ensuring high visibility to passing motorists while remaining non-visible to workers. 
  • Amber LED Functionality: Includes the option to alternate the UV with amber LEDs for added visibility and safety in various lighting and traffic conditions. 
  • Patterns: Three settings, changeable by swiping a magnet over the light: Steady-on UV / Flashing UV / Alternating flash UV-Amber Durable 
  • Design: Robust construction suitable for the rigors of roadside use. 
  • Lifetime Warranty: Comes with a lifetime warranty on electronics and LEDs, underscoring TowMate's commitment to quality and longevity. 
  • Applications: Ideal for tow truck operators, emergency responders, road maintenance crews, and utility workers who require enhanced visibility for safety on the roadside. 
  • Dimension: (4.75” L x 1.25” H x .5” W)

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