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EMERGENCY, TRANSPORT, RECOVERY AND RECREATIONAL LIGHTING.             "THE ORIGINAL"! Celebrating 26 Years of Wireless Tow Lights!

TM36M18 Wireless Tow Light

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Part Number:TM36M18

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iMon Monitoring System
No iMon System
Add iMon System (+$140.00)
Housing Colors
Carbon Fiber (+$20.00)
Diamond Tread (+$20.00)
Skull (+$75.00)
Transmitter Type
4 PIN Round
4 PIN Flat
6 PIN Round
7 PIN Round
7 PIN RV Style
Hardwire Transmitter
Add Back Up Lights
No Back Up Lights
Add Back Up Lights (+$50.00)
Back Up Camera

Introducing the TM36M18 - a seamless blend of trusted TowMate performance with the convenience of the Milwaukee M18 battery system. No longer worry about special batteries; instead, harness the power of a battery you likely already have!


Milwaukee M18 Battery Adapter: Built into the handle of the unit, the TM36M18 integrates smoothly with the Milwaukee M18 removable battery system. Experience longer run-times and the ease of battery interchangeability.


Robust Lighting System: Providing stop, tail, and turn signals, the 36" wireless light bar is enhanced with side marker lights on each end and three central DOT lights for optimal visibility and safety.


User-Friendly Transmitter: The TM36M18 comes complete with your choice of transmitter, ensuring compatibility with diverse setups. A 7-pin plug is included, serving as a connector for 12VDC power for those moments when you might need to charge the light bar without the Milwaukee battery.


Available with Backup Lights! Increase safety and visibility with the optional backup lights.


Durable Design: Housed in a sturdy poly-plastic material, the TM36M18 is built to withstand daily wear and tear, making it a reliable companion for your truck.


Lifetime Warranty: As with all TowMate products, enjoy a lifetime warranty on electronics and LEDs, emphasizing our confidence in the product's longevity.


Extended Usage: With the power of the Milwaukee M18 battery, benefit from extended usage times, ensuring you're always ready to go.


Impressive Range: With an approximate range of 1000 feet, the TM36M18 ensures consistent performance, even in more extensive setups.


Complete System: Each TM36M18 system is packaged with a transmitter, light bar, charge cord, and user instructions for straightforward setup and use.


Flexible Transmitter Options: Whether you have a 7-Pin truck, 7-Pin RV, 6-Pin round, 4-Pin flat, or require a hardwire, our transmitters are available at no additional cost, ensuring compatibility with your existing system.


Harness the reliability of TowMate and the convenience of the Milwaukee M18 battery system with the TM36M18 light bar - your trusted partner on the road.

Plug the transmitter into your truck. Flip the ON/OFF switch on the unit to turn it on.

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